3 reasons you need a Brand

I believe strongly in Branding and the value it brings to non- and not-for-profits and wanted to share our my three reasons why your organization needs a brand. (If you’re still confused about what Branding is, click here to read a bit more.)

  1. Be consistent – You know organizations that are well branded – American Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund, YMCA. You also know that they’re consistent. Everytime you see anything for the national or a local YMCA, you see that Y and know its them.
  2. Be memorable – By being consistent, you’re making your organization memorable. By being memorable, you’re putting yourself at the top of your consumers, volunteers, donors, and the community’s minds.
  3. Be professional – And finally, branded organizations look more professional. Organizations that look more professional, attract more interest and more donors. It’s as simple as that.